How to Make Money with Makeup

If you'd like to make money by doing makeup or dealing with makeup related services, there's a number of different ways to do this. The beauty and skin care industry is a billion dollar one. So every day, there's new ways for a makeup guru or beauty queen to make some money at it. In fact, just about any person, even a teenage girl with no prior experience can make a decent living if she knows a few tips or tricks when it comes to applying makeup. So if you're still interested, continue reading, because I'm going to cover all the basics you'll need to know to make good money at this.

Become a Beautician or Makeup Artist
This could be the easiest or hardest way to make money with makeup. Easy because it doesn't require much creativity, since most people who go to beauty school can easily get a job as a makeup artist, assuming there's open positions in the area. But it can also be one of the harder ways because you have to be pretty motivated to go to school and stick with it until you graduate. Still, this is the most common path people take if they want to make money with makeup. If you're curious on how to make money as a makeup artist, it's really not that hard. You can freelance, which I'll cover later in this article, or you can apply to various companies. You could work in the big leagues, like doing makeup for movie stars in Hollywood, or you could apply at your local beauty salon if you don't think you have what it takes to push your talent onto the big screen and into movies. There's literally millions of options available to you and it's entirely up to you and which path you want to pursue.

Work a Corporate Job
This is somewhat similar to the beautician and makeup artist option, except it requires much more schooling in most cases, and it's a tougher position to find a opening for. By "work a corporate job", I mean that you can take college courses, such as majoring in business or makeup design, and then apply to large makeup corporations and cosmetic companies such as Mac, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Mary Kay or Avon. This type of career would typically pay much more than one in a beauty salon, but it also mean more commitment, dedication, stress, and responsibility. Some examples of corporate positions would include makeup product manager, advertising executive, or any position on a sales and marketing team.

This is yet another very common path makeup experts take to make a living for themselves. Instead of working for somebody else, you could become self-employed. You could either start your own shop, or simply advertise your services in the local newspaper, PennySaver, or even online. As far as the internet goes, you could either set up your own website, blog, or create vlogs. Either that or you could advertise on local sites such as Craigslist and Backpage. If there are people out there that need makeup done, and they see your ads, you may just get some business and repeat customers over time.

Sell Affiliate Products
Almost everybody has heard of Avon, but if you haven't I'll fill you in. Avon is one of many affiliate companies in existence. Basically, they sell you brochures initially, and you use those brochures to show off the products featured in them to people you know. If somebody orders something from one of your brochures, Avon pays you a commission on that product. But Avon isn't the only affiliate company out there, and most of them don't require you to pay anything for brochures like Avon does. If you search for "makeup affiliate companies" online, you'll find plenty of them. Most of them will pay you simply for referring people to their websites, so you can do everything online and not have to go door-to-door or sell in person. They will often give you a link that identifies you and only you. You can then share your link through emails or by posting it on you blog or website. For each referral that converts into a sale, you will usually earn a commission. But this can take lots of hard work to convert people into sales after they click on your links, so give it a try but don't expect everybody to be good at this way of making money and don't expect to become rich or a millionaire overnight.

Make Videos
Have you ever heard of Michelle Phan, DulceCandy87, AllThatGlitters21, bubzbeauty, or fafinettex3? All these women I've mentioned make money by making makeup tutorial videos and uploading them to Youtube. Most of them are Youtube Partners, which means that Youtube pays them based on a few factors, such as how many views each of their videos get. To become a Youtube Partner, there's a few requirements. For one, you have to have a certain number of subscribers, which is usually anywhere over 500. Two, you need lots of initial views on your videos (which is pretty easy to get if you have over 500 subscribers). Third, you need to upload new videos at least every two weeks to every month, and you must own all footage, images, or audio in your videos. So that means no copyrighted material or they probably won't offer you a partnership. But you don't have to be a partner to make money on Youtube. Think of your videos as advertisements to the world. You can use them to advertise your own products or website, or someone else's. Youtube Partners get paid by Youtube to show ads on their videos and Youtube gets that money from online business owners who usually own websites. Well you don't need Youtube to play the middleman for you. You can search the web for as many makeup websites as you can find, and then offer to advertise their websites or products on your videos. To lace an advertisement on each video, you can use annotations, which is an option on Youtube that allows you to add any message to the screen that you want. If you advertise for a particular site and they don't pay you the weekly or monthly fee you negotiated, you can remove the annotation with their ad or logo and replace it with a business that does pay you.

Write Articles
If you have a natural talent or interest in writing, you can write articles, either for your own website or for other people. There are thousands of websites that need articles, especially niche-type articles such as makeup tutorial. For a typical 500-word article, you can expect to be paid between $2 and $8 for each one, depending on which company you sell them to. Some people can write two or three of these every hour, so it can really add up if you're good at it. The reason why many article sites pay people, is because the articles help them bring more visitors to their websites. After they have lots of visitors, they either sell products alongside the articles or make money by placing ads there instead. So if you want to make the big mony and if you have a lot of patience, there's nothing stopping you from doing the same as them.

Sell Guides and Tutorials
With all the new cheap and affordable advancements when it comes to creating digital media, anybody can create their own ebooks or DVD's cheaply and easily. This means that you can also sell these forms of media online, by selling ebooks as downloadable files and by selling DVD's to customers through the mail. So if you're creative enough to put together your own ebook or DVD tutorials, you can make some decent money if you can keep everything professional looking. You can use programs such as OpenOffice to create ebooks, or Nero or even Windows Movie Maker to make custom DVD's. For the ebooks, you can teach people makeup tips and techniques by taking a picture of each step one should take for each tutorial lesson, and by adding text below each picture to explain in more detail. For DVD's, you could do the same thing, or better yet, you could use a camera, camcorder, or webcam and make a video instructional guide. To make the actual disc and case look professional, you could use a CD/DVD label maker or even use a lightscribe burner or similar device.

Become a Test Subject
This method of making money with makeup is very risky, but if you're a crazy person who is willing to risk their health, looks or physical appearance to make money, then this may be right up your alley. Major cosmetic companies such as Revlon and Maybelline need humans to test various products on. But by the time they test them on humans, they've already tested them on animals, unfortunately. So many innocent animals suffered through the worst phases of testing, the early phases. By the time they test on humans, most of the dangers and risks have already been taken by our unwilling furry volunteers who are unable to speak and protest against their involvement. They usually hire a middleman company to contract humans and run the actual studies and experiments, however. Not to mention the fact that human skin can now be artifically created in a lab, so this will eventually eliminate any need for testing on actual humans in time. So these types of volunteer jobs can be hard to find. But if you find them, they will usually ask you to sign a liability waiver to make sure you don't sue them if anything goes wrong.

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